Crazy Healthy!

Cara Perkins

Crazy Healthy!

Healthy Food: CRAZY expensive???

by Cara Perkins on 11/08/17

Is money one of the things holding you back from eating healthy?  Trust me, it IS NOT expensive to eat healthy!  In fact, you will do better all around if you DO eat healthy.  Let's do the math - yes, I said MATH!  Don't you dare stop reading just because I said MATH!!!

1. Healthy food will keep you fuller longer than junk food, for the most part.  When you eat a junk food snack, not only will you likely be hungry again sooner, but, you will have to eat again sooner, costing more money, you are putting junk into your body, which is no good, and you won't be getting the proper nutrition and energy that you're looking for and could crash sooner than you think.  So, that's 2 times the money for junk snacks because you'll have to have another snack sooner than you thought.

2. Brown rice, spinach and a bag of beans go a long way, including the cost, the nutrition you are putting into your body and the energy you will have!

3. When you eat nutritious food, you are helping your body feel better, boosting your immune system and likely avoiding unnecessary sick days and doctor visits - and we all know how the insurance industry is treating us these days!  You will also have more energy so you can work harder and smarter.  Maybe your boss will realize your new, higher energy self, and give you a raise or maybe you will end up with a promotion!

Now, what is stopping you from going #BEASTMODE with your body?  What is stopping you from going #BEASTMODE in your kitchen?  WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM FOCUSING ON YOUR HEALTH???  Tell me and I can help you!  I want you all to feel the best you can everyday :)

Is it CRAZY to make kids eat greens?

by Cara Perkins on 11/05/17

NO, it's's one of the best things you can do for them!  

I've heard over and over, parents say, "my kid won't like that" "my kid won't eat that" "my kid doesn't like greens"  The truth is that kids NEED to eat greens.  The younger the better.  

Let's get them started early.  ALWAYS put green vegetables on their plate.  If they are "STARVING" always have something green to offer them.  Get them involved in how to prepare and taste different greens.  

In one of my classes, I introduce zucchini to kids.  On their plate, they find sliced zucchini and shredded zucchini.  I have them taste it and decide which "form" of the food tastes better.  They almost always say the shredded zucchini tastes better.  My point?  Food tastes different in different forms, so, you should always find a way to keep trying foods, even if you don't think you like it in the beginning.  

Same thing goes for things like celery.  It isn't pleasant for a 2 year old to eat a stalk of celery, however, if you chop the celery into bite size pieces, almost every 2 year old will enjoy it.  If you give a 2 year old a stalk to chew on, and it's difficult, they will assume that they don't like celery because eating it is difficult.  The decision will be made that celery is a "NO" for them.

Let me know how the "GREEN" experiments go in your house :)

CRAZY Drinkin'!

by Cara Perkins on 10/31/17

Before we start, let me say, this is a G rated, family-friendly post!

Many people say, "you are what you eat."  What about what you drink?  I'm sure you've heard the stories of drinking sodas, juice, diet drinks, fake sugar, aspartame, and the list goes on and on, right?  Well, I've studied LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of drink studies.  Let me short hand it for you because, if you can read it here in a few minutes, you won't have to spend hours, days and weeks studying.  I'll save you we go...

First , consuming sugar, in the form of drinks, is worse for you than eating sugar, for a couple of reasons.
1.  It is empty calories.  After you drink, you are still hungry and need nutritious food.  If you are drinking calories, you have to add them to the calories of your food to find out how many calories you are consuming.  
Some one my size (5'4") with moderate activity should have no more than 1800-2000 calories per day.  A soda has approximately 160 calories.  If someone drank 3 sodas per day, that would account for the number of calories for 1 meal.  This is figured based on 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.
2.  It can raise your chances of developing type 2 diabetes.  The risk is significantly higher for people who drink just 1 sugary drink per day.  Type 2 diabetes is on the rise in this country and sugar drinks are contributing to the increase.
3.  There are many other health issues that can develop, or become worse, after drinking sugar...
tooth decay
heart disease
blood pressure and cholesterol issues

What to do about it...
1.  Stop drinking drinks with sugar, whether it's real sugar or fake sugar.  You might say, "yeah, right, it's not that easy!"  My response, "you can't afford not to.  You deserve to feel the best and be the healthiest you can be!"  So, how do we go about this?  You have to train yourself and it WILL work!  Your reason for not drinking sugar has to be stronger than your reason for drinking sugar.  Hopefully, by this time in the blog, it is.  I KNOW you don't want to give yourself unnecessary health issues.  I KNOW you want to feel better, so, anything else you can add to the list of why not to drink sugary drinks, add to it.  Make a list of all of your reasons.  Put it as your wallpaper on your phone, laptop, and all electronic devices.  Print out copies and put them on your bathroom mirror, fridge, and in your car.  In your car?  YES, IN YOUR CAR!!!  Do you realize how many places you drive by everyday that have sugary drinks at your finger tips???  You have to be prepared!  THIS IS WAR AND WE MUST WIN!  Challenge your family and friends.  Build an accountability group and everybody go all in together.
2.  What to drink - water, unsweet tea, black coffee.  There you go.  There's your list!  You might think I'm CRAZY, but, trust me, it works.  I have always preferred unsweet tea, yes, unsweet, even though I live in Texas!  Your taste buds and brain may have you believing that you ONLY like sweet tea.  So, here's what you do.  Everyday, make yourself sip on a cup of unsweet tea (cold or hot, it doesn't matter) - EVERY SINGLE DAY.  After a couple of weeks, you will have developed a taste for unsweet tea.  Same thing with coffee.  If you like all kinds of stuff in your coffee, it's time to change that as well.  Sip on black coffee everyday.  Soon you will also develop a taste for black coffee as well.  Then, last but not least, water, water, water.  Drink lots of water.  If you find yourself needing a little flavor, add a drop or 2 of therapeutic grade essential oil to your water, tea or coffee.  You'll not only be avoiding the sugar, but you will be adding extra nutrition to your body with the oils!
3.  WARNING - ALWAYS know what is in your drinks.  Bottled tea typically contains extra chemicals in it, so be sure to read the label.  If you are getting tea at a place where they don't brew it on site, beware!  I only drink tea that is brewed on site. 
4.  You can ALWAYS find SOMETHING to drink wherever you go!  At my local coffee house, I get green tea with no sweetner.  The kind they have has peppermint in it and it's very delicious!  Therapeutic grade essential oils come in small bottles, so they are very easy to carry with you to add flavor to any drink anytime. (be sure to only put the citrus oils in a glass made out of glass)

For more information on essential oils, click here ===> THE OILS

This kind of drinking might seem CRAZY, but, trust me, if you dedicate one month to the process, you will feel a difference!  You will start feeling better and will be taking care of YOU!  You need to take care of you, not only for yourself, but so that you can be your best self for your family, friends, career and the WORLD!!!  What would we do with you you?  YOU are special!  YOU matter! I want YOU to be healthy and happy :)

My Crazy Healthy Life!

by Cara Perkins on 10/25/17

Hey y'all!  How are y'all doing?  I want to introduce myself.  First, if you hadn't already guessed, I'm from Texas!  My name is Cara and I've been trying to figure out how to be healthy my WHOLE life! Just when I have a few things figured out, there are more studies and more healthy ideas and more dos and more don'ts and its CRAZY...(just a hint of why I named my blog Crazy Healthy!).  Healthy is a journey.  We all have it in us and all have the desire to feel better and do better, right?  Of course, or you probably wouldn't be reading my blog!

Let's start with my childhood.  I have a sister and two brothers and parents who MADE us eat our vegetables...MADE US...CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!?!  We had a garden in our back yard and were frequently visiting the local farmers market.  I learned to LOVE to cook at a very young age.  Meal time was always an event at our house.  We had salad and vegetables almost every single night, for dinner.  On the occasional mom-and-dad-were-going-out-on-a-date evening, we would be "treated" to frozen pizza or a TV dinner.  Yes, frozen pizza and TV dinners were a "treat" at our house and not the norm.  Growing up, I was always aware of different health situations within our family - high blood pressure, low iron, stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol, you know what I'm talking about.  I say health "situations" because my mom and dad would tell us about it but wouldn't make it an alarming, problematic discussion.  They would say, "Grandpa has to eat less salt due to his high blood pressure." or "Grandma needs to eat foods higher in iron to help with her low iron."  I quickly understood the point that food mattered and food could help with health situations.

Fast forward to the time when I was 24 and expecting my first child.  I thought, "how am I going to raise this child to love to eat vegetables?  How am I going to instill a healthy lifestyle?"  After much thought and research (and this was before the internet), I figured it out!  TEACH THE CHILD TO COOK!!!  I use the word "child" here because, at the time, I didn't know whether my baby was a boy or girl.  I found out, as soon as he was born, that he was a boy.  So, I spent lots and lots and lots of time preparing to teach him how to cook.  From the time he could crawl, I had a cabinet in the kitchen with his dishes.  He would come into the kitchen and play with his dishes anytime he wanted.   He would sit on the floor, as I was cooking, and pretend like he was cooking.  When he was a few years old, we got him a play grill, so he could cook.  He loved it and grilled everyday!  I intentionally took him to the grocery story every time I went.  We would talk about the fruits and vegetables and he would always pick out whatever he wanted from the produce department.  Him being able to select foods made him excited to try new things.  One time, we were cruisin' through the produce department and he was crying.  Every now and then you could hear him faintly utter the word "broccoli".  A lady stopped me and said, "is he upset because you're buying broccoli?"  I said, "no, he's upset because we haven't made it to the broccoli yet!"  When he was two years old, I started teaching him how to cook.  I would let him choose what vegetables to put into the salad.  I chopped the veggies and he threw them into the bowl.  He learned how to tear lettuce, toss the salad, and took great pride in eating his salad creation.  It was working!  Fast forward to now...he's 23 years old, loves to cook and loves his veggies!  He cooks for our family, his friends, for big dinner parties in our home and for holidays.  I also have a 17 year old who loves to read ingredients on packages of food at the grocery store and is very selective of what he puts into the cart.  He's a baseball player and there are sports drinks that he refuses to drink because of the chemicals in them.  

So, teaching kids how to cook may seem CRAZY, and sometimes it is, but, trust me, I can help...stick with me and we'll keep learning and evolving and growing in our crazy health together, OK?

Welcome to my blog!  Tell me what you're thinking by leaving a comment, please.