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Cara Perkins

How do I feed my family healthy in the summer?

by Cara Perkins on 05/07/18

Just because it's almost summer is no "reason" to skip on the healthy food.  If you teach your kids that junk food is not a "reward" then they'll learn not to use it as an excuse.  Now, let's be real, there are plenty of times when we find ourselves indulging because it's time to celebrate, right?  Summer is a really looooooong celebration so lets talk about some awesome ideas to keep the family on the healthy eating track.

1.  Fruit and fun fruit drinks are EVERYWHERE in the summer!  It's very easy to have fun with fruit at home.

2.  Chips and dip - YES, I SAID CHIPS AND DIP!!!  There are lots of organic, delicious tortilla chips on the market.  Be sure to read the ingredients.  I know, "I don't have time to read ingredients!"  I have 2 things to say about that.  1.  If tortilla chips have more than 2-3 ingredients, and any of them are unrecognizable, put the chips down.  2.  You don't have time NOT to read ingredients.  It could mean the difference in putting chemicals in your and your family's bodies and not putting chemicals in your and your family's bodies!  Dips can consist of a Greek yogurt base, fresh, homemade salsa (just throw all of the ingredients in a blender), or guacamole.

3.  Grill!  Chicken, lean meats and ALL KINDS of veggies go great on the grill.  

4.  PASTA!  Pasta is super easy in the summer and you can make all kinds of dishes with it!  Choose your favorite pasta, cook it up, and you can make a cold pasta salad or a warm sauce with meat in no time!  Look for pastas made out of good ingredients, such as quinoa or brown rice.

5.  What awesome summer food ideas do you have?

There you have it.  This shows how to feed your family throughout the summer!  Let's keep the great ideas going!

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