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Cara Perkins

CRAZY - kids grocery shopping!

by Cara Perkins on 01/06/18

How many of you think it's a CRAZY idea to take kids to the grocery store???  Let me tell you the short story and then we'll get into the little bit longer version.  

SORT STORY - I've been taking my kids to the grocery store since before they could walk.  Now, they are 23 & 17 and I've been sending them to the store, with a list, sometimes to do the shopping for a whole week, since they got their drivers license, and they've ALWAYS been able to handle it!  

Do you want the same thing?  It's going to require an investment but it is SOOOOOOO worth it for 2 reasons.

1.  The short story above.
2.  When they are out in the real world, they'll be able to grocery shop, know where to find the healthy foods, and will be eating healthy!  Believe me, some of my sons' friends have no idea how to grocery shop and it scares me!

Now, the LONG VERSION...
Take your kids to the store NOW!  That might sound like me yelling at you, but it's actually my passion coming through!  Here are some tips to make it easier.
1.  Make a list before you go.
2.  If your kids are little, and sit in the cart, talk to them the whole time and show them what you're buying.  If possible, let them make decisions.  Show them 2 items and let them choose 1.
3.  If your kids are old enough to hold a piece of paper and understand pictures, print out a list of pictures of some of the items you'll be looking for. When you're in the dairy section, point out that they have a picture of milk on their paper and they should be able to find the milk.  In the produce department, point out the bananas on the paper and have them search for the bananas.  This will keep them engaged and excited about grocery shopping.
4.  Let them choose - I HIGHLY recommend that you let them choose new foods to try, especially in the produce department.  Point them to green vegetables and really encourage them to choose something green.  If they choose it themselves, they'll be more likely to easily try it.
5.  For older kids, have them write a list as you decide, together, what foods need to be purchased.  You can also have them research new, healthy recipes on the internet.  

The more say you let your kids have in the planning, shopping and cooking, the more confidence they'll build in all areas, the more likely they will try new, healthy foods and they'll be more likely to be healthy eating adults!

Let me know if you have any questions and let me know your kid grocery stories :)

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