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Cara Perkins

CRAZY eating two year olds!

by Cara Perkins on 11/15/17

I had a mom contact me, the other day, to get help with her two year old son.  She told me I could tell y'all her story.  Every evening, as she is cooking, her two year old wants food before dinner is ready.  She gives him chips, to satisfy his hunger because that is the ONLY thing that he will eat!!!  Then, when it's time to eat, he's not hungry enough to eat a good meal.  You see, these two year olds know what's up!  They KNOW how to work the system.  It is up to us to change the system.  I suggested to her that she let him choose between two different fruits, if he is hungry right before dinner.  Not a banana or something that will really fill him up, but, instead, a tangerine or a few of cut up grapes or a fruit that is mainly water.  This type of snack will satisfy him before dinner, but he will be hungry quicker and will likely be more willing to eat at dinner!  This is also something to think about for an afternoon snack as well.  You could offer even a couple of slices of cucumber with a small bowl of apple sauce.  

Another thing to think about is what to feed them for a before bed snack.  These two year olds that w'ere talking about are also great at saying they are full and knowing that they can ask for something else before bed.  If your two year old didn't eat all of their dinner, help them prepare the rest of it to put in the refrigerator and tell them that, if they get hungry again before bed, they'll be able to eat the rest of their dinner.

You'll notice a couple of different things start to change here...
1.  Either your two year old will stop asking for a snack before dinner -or- if you feed them a light fruit snack, they will be hungrier sooner and more willing to eat dinner.
2.  If they know that, if they don't finish their dinner, it will be reserved again later, they will be more likely to eat better at dinner time.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind at dinner, with a two year old.
1.  A two year old is ready to have a say in dinner time.  Ask them if they would like you to prepare a certain vegetable, maybe corn or green beans.  Be sure one of the options is one of their favorites.  It's best to give them two options.  
2.  Let the two year old have a say when putting food on their plate.  Ask them if they would like five or six green beans.  Ask them if they would like carrots or tomatoes or both on their salad.

Two years old is a huge year for your little eater!  Keep the rules consistent and, before long, you will have a healthy eating kiddo!  
Keep up with me and I'll be blogging more about two year old eaters!

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